The best God of War mods

Kratos but with his beard and eyebrows shaven off.
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Now that Kratos has arrived on PC, you'll be able to enhance it with a few God of War mods. While the majority of mods are shaders, there are a few that will give you invisible armour, getting you as close to a nude Kratos as humanly possible. There are also a few NG+ mods kicking about so, with that in mind, let's take a look at the best mods out there and how to install them.

How to install God of War PC mods 

These mods are all available on Nexus Mods and come with their own instructions on how to download and install. Your PC specs will play a part in how good the mods look, so click on each one to find out more information.

Best God of War mods 

Skip PlayStation intro 
This mod by Instanity666 takes you straight to the main menu, saving you from having to watch the PlayStation intro over and over. If you wanted to play it on a PlayStation you'd have bought a PlayStation, am I right?

God of War NG+ Save File PS4 import
If you finished God of War on your PlayStation and want to continue with that save in an NG+ it's not possible thanks to this mod from enzonahuy. You'll have full skill trees, armour and boosted runes with this mod, making you truly god-like.

New Game Plus Star File
Alternatively, you can try this mod from Delish. You won't start out with completely maxed-out stats, which should still make things fairly challenging for you.

No eyes, no beard but with dead eyes
If you would like Kratos to look the worst he ever has in his life, download this mod from DisablePP.

Odin Reshade
This mod by kyOuZz_- will make things a little darker and spookier looking, as well as much sharper. If you prefer a slightly grungier God of War aesthetic, then you'll want to install it ASAP.

GOW Regrade
RIMBUSTA WONKA's graphics mod, on the other hand, enhances colours, shadows, and tone-mapping sharpness which should make things feel much more vibrant. Rather than living in the darkness, if you'd like God of War to look even more magical then this is the one for you.

Invisible chest armour
If you feel like being horny on main you can download this mod by Paul-Scott that makes Kratos' armour invisible. VVvisalVV also has a similar mod alongside one that makes his biceps visible, and who doesn't love a good bare arm? Not to be confused with bear arms.

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