Make Kratos a good clean-shaven boy with this God of War mod

Kratos but with his beard and eyebrows shaven off.
(Image credit: Sony)

God of War is finally here on PC, and is the best version of an already fantastic game. The game is of course a reboot of an already existing series, and part of this is that in the older games Kratos has been of various ages and sported minor differences in his look: In this one, he's aged well beyond the original series and is in a different mythical era.

So: Daddy Kratos has a big 'ol beard and bushy eyebrows. It's a good look! But some fans pine for the days when he was a bit more clean-shaven, a bit more Bronson, and so modder Disable PP has done the lord's work by disabling the shaders that draw Kratos' facial hair. The imaginatively named 'Kratos No Eyebrows No Beard' mod does just this, and you can see it in action below.

Yes, I too am thinking of Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast. Kratos has always had quite an angry vibe to him anyway, but this mod really has our man looking like he's about to ask if you spilled his pint: And swing regardless of the answer.

There's nothing wild going on in God of War modding yet, but the game hasn't been out all that long: So far, it's mostly playing around with shaders and other visual settings, or offering up save files (which is worth considering if you've already played it on PS4). You can download your own beardless Kratos here.

Rich Stanton

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