Minotaur is an adventure game starring a magical android and a cyborg penguin

Inspired by the likes of Danganronpa, Minotaur is an unusual visual novel-style adventure game set in a magical sci-fi world where robot wizards rub shoulders with cyborg penguins. Nine characters, including the aforementioned magical robot and augmented penguin, find themselves trapped in their homes, tasked with revealing the identity of the trap’s maker, and their motives. It’s due out in early access this year, but there’s already a demo you can sink your teeth into. 

Out of the nine trapped characters, five of them will be playable, unfurling the point-and-click mystery from different perspectives. Developer U7 Committee teases that actions and choices made for each character will have an impact on the whole, while also leading to one of four different endings. 

Right now you’re able to play the full game as one character, Nod, complete with endings, cinematics, voice acting and collectables. The developer estimates that it will take 3-4 hours to work your way through Nod’s story, which will also be the longest one. Nod’s arc also unlocks the other characters, though their ‘routes’ through the trap are not finished yet. 

During Early Access, Minotaur will be getting timed sequences, boss fights, multiple choices and UI improvements, along with the rest of the trapped characters. 

Minotaur is only one part of U7 Committee’s planned universe, which will be expanded with a novel, Red Crown, a prequel and a board game. It sounds ambitious. Maybe a bit too ambitious, especially when this whole franchise is being touted before the game is even out. 

Minotaur is due to hit early access soon, while the demo is available now.  

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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