Minimum rescued from limbo by Atari and Human Head, heading for Steam Early Access soon

Blocky multiplayer shooter Minimum was announced this time last year , and now it's been re-announced under new development and publishing teams. The reason for this is that original developers TimeGate (infamous for co-developing the execrable Aliens: Colonial Marines) filed for bankruptcy shortly after the game's announcement, leaving it stranded in a sort of cubey limbo. Now it's back, and it's heading for Steam Early Access, under former Prey 2 developers Human Head.

Let's have a look at it, shall we?

I think it's fair to say that Minimum looks a lot better in motion than it does in static shots, in which it resembles something that's been knocked up in Unity out of basic assets. I'm getting a serious Transformers vibe from the above trailer, in part due to the giant NPC titans, which behave more like angry golems than the stompy soldiersuits of the similarly named creatures in Titanfall.

There's crafting and levelling and seemingly a bit of the MOBA/Wizard-'em-up in Minimum's 5v5 multiplayer shenanigans, thanks to wandering 'creep' creatures that will power up each team's titan when killed. You can find more information on the official Minimum site , but know that its Early Access is set to launch sometime this Spring. As in, that season we're currently in.

Ta, Blue's News .

Tom Sykes

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