Minimum exits Early Access to become feature complete game; new update detailed

At a time when disenchantment with the Steam Early Access model appears to be ramping up, it's nice to hear that blocky third-person shooter Minimum has finally levelled up to full, feature complete game. The news comes via Human Head's Norm Nazaroff, who made the assurance that the game will still undergo "polish and improvement".

Along with the announcement comes update 4.0, which introduces a new horde co-op mode, new maps, armor, skins and more. A tutorial will be added, while Steam Trading Card support will be rolled out soon. Full patch details can be perused over here .

While Minimum was originally announced in early 2014 as an effort by Aliens: Colonial Marines co-developers TimeGate, Human Head took over development when the former studio filed for bankruptcy . Described as a mix of Quake, Minecraft and Quake, it looks pretty great in action, as the below video will show.

Shaun Prescott

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