Minecraft: Raspberry Pi edition announced

Minecraft will soon be coming to David Braben's clever £30 computer, the Raspberry Pi . The game will be a port of the Pocket Edition, but will come with a few new features which dovetail with the Pi's educational remit, allowing you to crack open the game code and manipulate Minecraft itself.

Announced today in the midst of a wonderfully chaotic Minecon 2012, the project aims to add further encouragement to people looking to pick up some programming skills.

Demonstrating this on stage, Mojang's Daniel Frisk wrote out some simple code that immediately conjured giant words to appear in the Minecraft level on screen. No doubt there are even more dramatic possibilities waiting to be explored by inquisitive minds.

It'll support multiple programming languages and be completely free. It's not available for download yet, so it's wise to keep an eye on Mojang's blog for the latest details.