Minecraft Exploration Update adds woodland mobs and llamas, out now

Fresh from Minecon last week, Mojang has now unveiled the next major update heading Minecraft’s way, named the Exploration Update. Besides the expected list of bug fixes, the update introduces things like woodland-dwelling Illagers—an "insidious and spooky crowd" who "will not tolerate any trespassers in their home"—and well-mannered llamas. 

"Seven years and counting, Minecraft is still growing and expanding, reads an update post on the Mojang blog. "We thought it is about time we add something to guide you through the vastness of the endless overworlds."

Which means players can now find the Cartographer who's set up shop in the library. Assuming you’ve got emeralds to spare, you can now freely purchase maps for locales such as the Ocean Monument and the new Woodland Mansion. The latter is a procedurally-generated dungeon where you’ll find the aforementioned Illagers—who are billed as “the villager’s outcast cousins”. Expect a fight when you go venturing for treasure in their backyard, then. 

The update adds the 'Shulker Box' too—"an inventory-expanding chest originating from The End itself"—whose primary purpose is to store items, even in the event it gets knocked down. 

Transporting your new treasures is where the llamas come in, who reside up in the mountains and can be equipped with storage chests to lighten your load. They’ll also form caravans whenever you’re out on the hunt. Which is cute. 

Full details of the Exploration Update can be found here, however the highlights are as follows: 

  • Added cursed enchantments
  • Added the Observer block
  • Added escape portals in The End
  • Added the Shulker Shell and Shulker Box
  • Added exploration maps
  • Added the Woodland Mansion
  • Added Illagers, and the Vex
  • Added Llamas
  • New command: /locateRemoved Herobrine 

Bug fixes:

  •  [Bug MC-58677]—GUI has inconsistent capitalization
  • [Bug MC-92139]—Too many tipped arrows in the “Combat” section of the creative inventory
  • [Bug MC-106077]—Missing sound files (largeblast1.ogg / largeblast_far1.ogg) because of CamelCase in 1.11.json
  • [Bug MC-107154]—Junk potion from fishing is uncraftable potion
  • [Bug MC-107165]—Brewing icon displays the incorrect color in Creative inventory tab
  • [Bug MC-107166]—Experience bottles produce pink particles.
  • [Bug MC-107170]—writeString method of PacketBuffer is not creating correct exception text
  • [Bug MC-107284]—disabling shields with axes doesn’t work
  • [Bug MC-107320]—Sort order of command autocomplete confusing