Minecraft Denmark beseiged by American tanks, dynamite-dropping vandals

Image from Minecraft forum user Whezolor .

Remember when the good folks at the Danish Geodata Agency recreated all of Denmark inside the blocky world of Minecraft ? What a triumphant expression of humanity that was. All our passion, our drive, or ability to work together to change our surroundings in magnificent ways. It was beautiful. It's too bad that vandals showed up and trashed the place.

We had originally reported that the Danish Geodata Agency disabled dynamite in the game, as leaving that destructive force in the hands of anonymous gamers would just be asking for it. Unfortunately, according to Danish news site DR.dk , the DGA “overlooked the possibility of using dynamite in mine carts.” Minecart-toting saboteurs have caused destruction. Shamefully, they've also built up enormous American flags to proclaim their imperialist arrogance.

(Quick aside for Americans: Look guys, I get it. I do. I'm from Texas, which is basically the America of America . I understand the impulse. But this kind of behavior is why we can't have nice things. OK? Go behave yourselves.)

Image via Kotaku .

"Several large Danish towns have been leveled to the ground and a lot of new things have been built all over the place,” the chief press officer at DGA, Chris Hammeken, told UK news site The Register . “We don't have a complete overview yet, but we'll probably choose to reconstruct Copenhagen and the other cities."

The DGA will be able to restore the damage pretty easily, of course, which is good. Failing that, poor Minecraft Denmark have to wait for a procedurally generated, voxel-based version of the UN to step in and impose a ceasefire.

Hat tip to Kotaku . Thanks also to Google Translate, lest anyone think that I read Danish.