Microsoft moves its E3 2017 press event to Sunday

Microsoft's E3 press event in 2016, and the year before that, and the year before that (and quite likely even further back, but you get the point) were held on Monday, the day before the big event officially kicked off. For 2017, however, the company will break with that tradition by holding its press on Sunday afternoon—that's 2 pm PT on June 11. 

The teasing tweet warns that we should "brace for big news," and includes an image taken from a video for Project Scorpio, the updated Xbox One console that's scheduled to come out for the 2017 holiday season. That's not exactly in our wheelhouse, but the event will no doubt also have things to say about Windows 10 gaming, UWP, Game Mode, and other such things that absolutely are up our alley. So it will definitely be worth paying attention to.

Naturally, we'll be covering E3 as it happens, and we'll let you know when other publishers announce the dates and times for their own press events. And don't forget that the ESA has opened E3 to the public for 2017, so if you happen to be in Los Angeles with some spare time and cash during June 13-15, you can catch the show for yourself. Find out more at

Andy Chalk

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