Micro Machines World Series flaunts messy desks and Hungry Hungry Hippos

As you might've spied back in January, Deep Silver and Codemasters are working on a new Micro Machines game, named Micro Machines World Series. In a nod to the original 1991 series starter, this one features familiar frantic races atop kitchen tables, school desks and, as a result of a partnership with Hasbro, Hungry Hungry Hippos board games. 

Due on June 23, the following in-game footage does a surprisingly good job of capturing the essence of the original while bringing it in-line with modern visuals and mechanics. Observe:

Across 15 battle arenas, players can race or engage in Battle Modes—in co-op or deathmatch—with up to 12 players at a time. 12 customisable vehicles are also up for grabs, each with a host of disposable weaponry such as dynamite and NERF guns.  

I'm normally very cautious when it comes to being influenced by nostalgia, but that there is really giving me the feels. I hope it plays as well as I want it to come release.

Micro Machines World Series is due on PC come June 23.