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Miasmata, the scientific first-person survival game, gets a new trailer

IonFx have released another trailer for their infectiously ambitious Miasmata , a first-person survival title that packs in almost everything I look for in a game. There's an "open world" island, exploration and survival elements, a plague, SCIENCE, weird Easter Island-type statues, real-time map/journal looking, and whatever the hell that thing is up there. It's what Far Cry 2 might look like after running Dear Esther and Amnesia over in a jeep, and it's spreading to the outside world on November 28th.

We mentioned Miasmata as one of our 15 Ace Steam Greenlight Games a while back, and it was recently greenlit along with 20 other games . You play a scientist searching for a cure for your plague on a tropical island; you're also just generally trying to survive.

The second trailer, below, shows off the game's nifty map triangulation feature, and Elder Scrolls-style plant gathering, among many other things.