Metro: Last Light development unhampered by THQ fragment

Metro: Last Light

4A's Metro: Last Light escaped being lost forever in the murky tunnels of development limbo after Dead Island publisher Deep Silver picked up the game when THQ's light sputtered out . Its original March release date took a bump into May after the sale, but in an interview with VG247 , Deep Silver Global Brand Manager Huw Beynon says the delay is purely because of administrative busywork and not a snag in the game's actual formation.

"Obviously the release date has been pushed back a little bit as the studio re-engages with a new publisher and tries to figure out QA, submissions and all the stuff you have to do behind the scenes," he explains. "But we've not lost too much time on the development of the game, and it's essentially going to be the same product we planned to release in March. We're just really excited it's not been too traumatic for the studio, and I am confident that when the game comes out it's going to be great."

That's a relief to hear, especially when Last Light looks poised to bring more of the bleak, atmospheric scurryings and shootings of a ruined Moscow's surviving populace first seen in Metro 2033. Metro: Last Light launches May 14th in America and May 17th through Europe. We'll have more to share soon—a new demo of the game is being brought by the PC Gamer Tower tomorrow.

Omri Petitte

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