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Metro Exodus 'Sam's Story' launch trailer features snakes, giant bats and other terrors

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Metro Exodus gets a new expansion today in the form of Sam's Story, and it's a big one: it features an all new sandbox area, snakes, giant bats, and an American. Specifically you'll be playing as Sam, a "former US marine turned Spartan Ranger" who must travel to Vladivostok in order to (hopefully) secure passage back to the United States.

The above trailer celebrates the expansion's release, which is now available on the Epic Games Store and Steam. For those who didn't preorder Metro Exodus on Steam when it was still available, the game officially launches on that platform on February 15.

This is the second and last of the promised expansions for Metro Exodus. The first was The Two Colonels, a more linear, horror-centric affair that returned to the series subterranean roots.

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