Everything we know about Metro Exodus


The Metro games are some of the most beautiful and detailed singleplayer shooters ever made. Now 4A Games plans to move out of the Metro and onto the open road in an epic journey across Russia that spans a year of in-game time. There's plenty of info out there about the game, and we've played it. Here's everything we know about Metro Exodus.

What's the Metro Exodus release date?

The Metro Exodus release date is February 22 2019. Metro Exodus was originally due to ship in Autumn 2018 but the game was delayed for polish. From what we've seen at preview stage, that was a good move.

Here's Metro Exodus's gameplay trailer

There's plenty of footage out there showing the game in action, especially after Metro's showing at E3 2018. The most thorough is a 17-minute slice of the game from the Volga open world area, which is where our latest hands-on session with the game was set.

For a much shorter taste of the Volga, here's the E3 2018 trailer.

This Nvidia tech showcase shows a different part of the wasteland entirely, but it looks as though it is comparable in size to the Volga.

Finally, the Aurora trailer lays down some story context for the game and shows the Aurora—the train base that you'll be riding across the continent.

Metro Exodus has open world areas, but it's not completely sandbox

Moscow, 2036, two years after the conclusion of Metro: Last Light. The world has been destroyed by a nuclear war, but survivors have found shelter in the metro tunnels beneath Moscow. In Exodus you leave the tunnels, hop on a train called the Aurora, and set off across the continent on a journey to reach the far east. 

Metro Exodus mixes linear sections with large sandbox zones. These zones are the largest the Metro series has ever featured. In fact executive producer Jon Bloch says that the new zones are 100 times the size of anything in Metro Last light. These zones have day/night cycles that affects enemy and NPC behaviour. In the wilderness you will find Stalker-style anomalies—roaming orbs of apocalyptic energy—as well as mutants and bandits. Crafting guns and hoarding ammo is essential if you want to survive.

You play as series hero Artyom and the game picks up from the 'redemption' ending of Metro: Last Light. You're joined by your wife Anna, the best sniper in the Spartan Order. You'll also hang out with Colonel Miller, who leads the Spartan Order on this continent-spanning expedition. The story spans a year of in-game time, and is sectioned off into seasons. It's linear, rather than truly open world, so you won't be able to backtrack to old areas once you have moved on.

Who do you fight in Metro Exodus?

Human bandits are a constant threat in the wasteland. You will find them in camps or roaming the wilderness looking for loot. The world is also populated by creatures warped by radioactive fallout. These include ghoul-like 'humanimals' who inhabit disused buildings and underground spaces. The flying bat-like demons return, as do the wolfy watchmen, who travel in packs in open areas.

What do we know about Metro Exodus' guns?

Gun customisation is a massive part of the survival experience in Metro Exodus. You carry two custom guns that you can adapt in the field. You press a button to throw down your rucksack and can start switching out barrels and sights. You can find workbenches in outposts to customise your gear more heavily. Here you can change the chassis, use resources to craft improved components and clean your gun to stop it from misfiring. 

The Metro series is famous for its homebrew armoury, and Exodus features a few returning favourites. The bastard—a quickfire submachine gun with a horizontal clip—returns, and can be customised like any other weapon. The pneumatically-powered Tihar rifle also returns, and you can improve its seals and air pressure system at workbenches if you find the right components. Other archetypes include pistols (which can be silenced with the right barrel), short-range double-barelled shotguns, Kalashnikov-like assault rifles and sniper rifles. The Ashot—a shotgun-pistol hybrid—is also shown in the E3 2018 gameplay footage.

Here are some nice Metro Exodus screenshots

You can see exactly seven more Metro Exodus screenshots right here. From what we've seen during our hands-on, these are legit. Apart from the green goggle-eyed monster pic, it does actually look like this.