Metro Exodus E3 teaser nails down a February release date

A new Metro Exodus teaser was revealed during the Microsoft press event at E3 today, showcasing the ruined wasteland above the tunnels of the Metro, and some of the problems Artyom and co. are going to face as they try to get across it. The air is finally safe to breathe, which is a nice change, but there are still plenty of ways to end up dead.

Visually, at least, Exodus is still very much a Metro game, a place filled with crappy guns and grotesquely mutated enemies—even more than we've had to deal with previously, based on the horrors seen in the trailer. But it also promises to be a much less claustrophobic game than the previous two, as most of it will take place on the surface, perhaps making it the more Stalker-like experience that some of us have been wishing for.

The trailer also revealed a release date, something we've been without since 4A delayed Metro Exodus last month: It's now slated to come out on February 22, 2019.

Andy Chalk

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