Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes secrets guide

XOF Patches

After seeing them scattered to the wind during the opening cinematic, one of your tasks in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is to track down the nine XOF Patches that are now spread around Camp Omega. Finding all of them unlocks an exclusive Extra Ops missions, Déjà-Vu and Jamais Vu. These were bound to different consoles initially, but we get both on PC.

The XOF Patches only appear in the main Ground Zeroes mission, and although they can be collected in any order over multiple playthroughs, once you have them all you need to complete the operation for the Extra Op to unlock. Let's begin.

Patch 1

MGS patch 1

Although it's pretty hard to spot, the first patch is actually stuck to your own back! To dislodge it you need to lie down and hold aim, then click the left stick to roll and keep going until a cutscene plays. Once it finishes, grab the patch from the ground next to you.

Patch 2

MGS patch 2

Turn around from your starting location and head to the edge of the cliffs that were behind you, to find the patch next to some bushes.

Patch 3

MGS patch 3

After picking open the lock on the gate under the watchtower to enter the camp, follow the road to the left then duck through a gap in the fence on your right and go down the bank. The patch is to the right of the stack of planks and the oil drum, on top of a small pile of rubble.

Patch 4

MGS patch 4

To the north of the three white rectangular buildings in the centre of the camp, pick the lock for the cage housing the generators then climb on top of the one to your left for the patch.

Patch 5

MGS patch 5

Just to the west of the helicopter Landing Zone in the northern open area near the large buildings, the patch is in a puddle in line with the windsock.

Patch 6

MGS patch 6

In the north of the camp near the armoury, follow the shallow drainage tunnel west to the other end (emerges near the APC) and look for the patch behind the metal grille.

Patch 7

MGS patch 7

After passing through the red door into the area with stairs leading down to Paz's holding cell, climb onto one of the generators and use it to jump onto the roof opposite the raised walkway then grab the patch from the vent.

Patch 8

MGS patch 8

On the approach path to the north of the old prison area where Chico is being held, climb on top of the guard tower to find the patch on the roof.

Patch 9

MGS patch 9

After picking the lock on the gate to the old prison area, look on the ground just inside to your right to find the patch.

Complete the mission

MGS patch completion

Once you've secured all nine XOF Patches, rescue Chico and Paz to complete the operation and the bonus Extra Ops mission will be added to your menu once the final cutscenes have played.

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