Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes secrets guide

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Welcome to Metal Gear Solid, a strange world of plot twists, conspiracies, in-jokes, code names and moments that reach right through the fourth wall to poke you in the eye. The Metal Gear Solid team fill their games with dozens of secrets to reward players that explore every area and listen to every codec entry. Ground Zeroes is no different. It may take place on a single base, but it's packed with important collectibles, casette tapes containing morsels of bonus plot and loads of callbacks to Metal Gear Solid 1. These goodies only add value to what we called "a deep, entertaining stealth sandbox with endless scope for mastery" in our review.

Maybe you don't fancy scouring every inch of the base for that last missing XOF patch. Maybe you think you've found everything, but wonder if there's more out there. Let series affacionado Iain Wilson guide you, with descriptions of every casette and patch location, and a few more treats besides.

Page 2: XOF patches - the location of every patch you'll need to unlock the bonus op missions.

Page 3: How to find and hear every casette tape in the game.

Page 4: A few more hidden Easter eggs.

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