Metal Gear Solid 5 update makes Quiet playable in FOB missions

An unexpected update to Metal Gear Solid 5 enables players to take on FOB missions as Quiet, the steady-handed sniper who wears a skimpy bikini into battle not for reasons of jiggly titillation, but because she breathes through her skin. 

Quiet is a master sniper who can take long shots with minimal shake, and she also moves very quickly and can jump over objects that other characters would require a ladder to traverse. Standing still "will make her stealthy," and she has a dash ability that enables her to close and engage with enemies very quickly. 

You cannot change her outfit or headgear, however, again because of that whole skin-breathing thing, the result of horrific injuries suffered during an attempt to kill Big Boss that had to be treated by parasites that healed her, granted various superpowers, and eliminated her need to eat, drink, or breathe—but also required that she run around in a ridiculously revealing outfit all the time. Funny how that worked out. 

The update also adds a number of FOB-exclusive items including, appropriately, a pair of sniper rifles, and adds a new Event FOB difficulty level. The full update notes are available at

Andy Chalk

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