Metal Gear Solid 5 cosplay with actual wolves is ridiculously good

Metal Gear Solid 5 cosplay 1

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A user on NeoGAF (opens in new tab) has unearthed what is without doubt the finest Metal Gear Solid 5 (opens in new tab) cosplay we've seen so far, complete with robot arm and real live wolves. Maul Cosplay (opens in new tab), Maja Felicitas (opens in new tab), and photographer eosAndy (opens in new tab) have put together an album (opens in new tab) of pictures portraying the spitting images of Big Boss, Quiet, and D-Dog, some highlights of which you can see below.

Metal Gear Solid 5 cosplay 2

Metal Gear Solid 5 cosplay 3

Now there's definitely some post-processing wizardry going on here, but that doesn't diminish the quality of the outfits themselves. They've used photo filters to more closely match the colors of the game, which is why it almost looks fake, but the make-up details and props really sell the whole thing. The movable robot arm (opens in new tab) is particularly impressive, and the male model's bone structure is eerily similar to that of the Boss.

The dog, however, should be ashamed of itself. Couldn't even bother to put on an eye patch. Clearly an amateur. You can see the full album of pictures right here (opens in new tab).

Metal Gear Solid 5 cosplay 4

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