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Meet Zheng Jiang, Total War: Three Kingdoms' bandit queen

The latest trailer for Total War: Three Kingdoms sees everyone getting very nervous about Zheng Jiang, an ass-kicking warrior and outlaw, and with good reason. Point your eyes at the trailer above. 

“Dynasties and nobility mean nothing to Zheng Jiang, who sees her strength and merciless fury as a sign of her destiny,” Creative Assembly says. “Raiding and pillaging in her pace, the bandit queen will not cease until she finally sees the institution she so despises burn to the ground.”

I’m already a fan. 

Three Kingdoms is proving to be the fastest selling pre-order in the history of the series, and the more we see, the more interested I get. Whether it’s the ability to sell your land for a really nice horse, or the shift in focus from factions to heroes (like Zheng Jiang), it’s promising a lot of bold changes.

It’s due out on March 7, and in the meantime, read up on everything we know about Total War: Three Kingdoms

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