Meet Your Maker, Behaviour Interactive's base-building-and-raiding game, launches in April

An all-new trailer for Behaviour Interactive's Meet Your Maker debuted at The Game Awards tonight, giving us a new look at gameplay and—this is the important bit—an April 2023 release date.

Meet Your Maker takes places on a dying Earth, which for some reason has decided that the best way to avert complete disaster is to create an artificial being called the Chimera. Unfortunately, in order for the Chimera to do its thing, it needs raw genetic material, and of course the remnants of humanity are not inclined to cooperate in order to make that happen. Instead, players will design unique outposts to defend the treasure, and then embark on raids of other players' outposts in order to steal theirs.

It's an admittedly thin premise, but the gameplay looks like it could be a lot of fun. It really comes down to what the community creates and shares. If there are plenty of bases to raid and opportunities for the back-and-forth showcased in the video it could be a blast, but it could just as easily stumble if people aren't inclined to pick up that part of it.

A Meet Your Maker playtest will take place sometime in winter 2023—exact dates haven't been announced at this point but given my understanding of "winter," I'd be put it in either January or February, or maybe March if you want to push it. You can sign up to take part at—everyone who signs up will be admitted, and there will be no NDAs or other restrictions. The full release of Meet Your Maker is set for April 4, 2023.

Andy Chalk

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