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Meet Middle-earth: Shadow of War's beastly Feral Tribe

We've covered every other Orcish tribe that will appear in Monolith's upcoming alt-Tolkien action game Middle-earth: Shadow of War, so in the interests of fairness I give you the Feral Tribe: "By tooth or by claw, they won't stop until the enemy is hunted down." 

I don't mean to sound at all unenthusiastic. It's just that the more of these tribes that Monolith and WBIE show us, the harder it becomes to tell them apart in any meaningful way. The Marauders like to dance, the Terrors are scary, the Machine builds things, and so it goes. But ultimately, they're all Orcs and related nasty sorts, and they're all quite anxious to clock you in the face with a primitive axe. 

The Ferals appear somewhat more animalistic than their tribal cousins, with a penchant for wearing skulls as helmets and taking wargs as mounts. Their fortress "houses beasts more fearsome than any in Mordor," a Feral rep proclaims midway through the video. "You'll be facing fangs and claws—you'll be devoured!" 

Middle-earth: Shadow of War comes out on October 10. Joe went hands on with it last month, and came away suitably impressed (and on a fire-breathing dragon).