Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer E3 trailer unites the world with rhythmic violence

Warfighter's story is an interesting one : it began as a completely different game pitched by a couple of ex-soldiers, before Danger Close crowbarred it into the Medal of Honor franchise. Details on the multiplayer portion of the game were scant when we previewed it, but a new trailer shows the online battles in all their destructive glory.

There are, apparently, eight countries to choose from, and the trailer includes a whole bunch of gizmos such as remote robots and aerial drones. There's even a special grenade that flicks out cables but then fails to show what said cables do. Maybe it's so the warfighters can dry their laundry.

It's all set to a Linkin Park song, and the way the destruction is in time with the beat is actually quite exhilarating. Sort of. Screenshots below.