Medal of Honor Warfighter Deluxe/Limited buyers bag bin Laden based bonus bundle

Not courting controversy at all (looks at calendar), EA has revealed that a bin Laden themed map pack will be included in the Limited and Deluxe editions of Medal of Honor Warfighter , as well as made available for individual purchase post-release. It's called Zero Dark Thirty , and an official tie-in to what probably won't be this Christmas season's most feel-good movie .

The pack features one map set in the Darra Gun Market, where everyone apparently both a) has a weapon and b) isn't afraid to use it, which is rather what you'd expect from a gun market, really, and a fortified compound in Chitral where... uh... bin Laden wasn't. In fact, it's about 300 miles away .

Still, it doesn't really matter, I suppose. They're multiplayer maps rather than a narrative driven campaign of any kind, and the odds of the man himself appearing are very unlikely - unless EA wants to set the Guinness World Record for Most Teabagged FPS Character In A Single Round.

Here's a trailer that shows absolutely nothing except that someone owns After Effects...

...and a very slightly more content-having look at the film the map pack is based on...

EA promises to donate 'a portion' of map pack sales to its Project HONOR campaign, which focuses on raising awareness and charitable contributions to fallen soldiers. It also says that it will give at least $1 million from this pack, though not whether that will include a portion of any bump in Limited/Deluxe sales after today. Warfighter is out on October 23rd in North America, and the 26th in the UK.