Medal of Honor offers MP7 as pre-order bonus

MoH thumb

Medal of Honor is touting it's "Limited Edition" version of the game via a bombastic trailer with lots of shooting. Beware: it's a trick. It's basically a pre-order bonus, and the bonus is just an exclusive MP7 sub-machinegun and early access to shotguns. Bloody pre-order bonuses - trying to tempt us to buy before the review. Here's the trailer:

If I was some sort of jaded suspicious wreck, I might think they were just trying to get you to put your £30 down before you'd really tried it out or read any reviews. There are three ways the MP7 could be balanced:

  • The MP7 might be better than other weapons and offer a significant advantage in multiplayer. This means that you're going to be screwed without one. EA will inevitably offer it as paid DLC or something, and you can pick it up then.
  • As above, but the gun is singleplayer only and has no effect on multiplayer.
  • The MP7 is similar to other weapons in the game and gives you no significant advantage in multiplayer. This means you're taking a risk on a shiny re-skin of a gun and possibly putting a day's wages down on something that could rub you the wrong way.

It's your money, of course, but I won't be bothering with it. Either the MP7 is powerful, in which case it's unfair and you'll have the chance to pick it up later, or it's not, in which case it's pointless to buy it. We generally don't like pre-order bonuses here at PCG (although I did enjoy having every pre-order bonus from every major retailer on the same character when I reviewed Star Trek Online, purely for the smug factor), but what do you think of them? Are they generally worth it in your experience*?

*Comments that disagree with me will be censored for the glory of the galactic republic.