MechWarrior Tactics announced, accepting callsign reservations


Giant robots are officially a trend in 2012. The publishers of free-to-play mech FPSim MechWarrior Online just powered up a new web page for a second, separate game: MechWarrior Tactics . Right now, the only thing on the page is a countdown clock set to expire on next Monday, February 20.

Mild detective work tells us that MechWarrior Tactics is probably a Facebook game. The studios credited at the bottom of the page are social game developers—Roadhouse Interactive and Acronym Games are also collaborating to create Family Guy Online. So it's probably not a successor to the squad-based isometric wonder that was MechCommander , but who'd say no to more mech games? Look for more intel in a week.

Update: Stephanie Schopp , a PR representative for the game, has emailed to let us know that MW Tactics is "not a Facebook game." Yee-haw!

Evan Lahti
Global Editor-in-Chief

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