Mech Land Assault comes to Just Cause 3 early June

Where do you go if your opening DLC featured an airborne nuclear battleship? Just Cause 3 has the answer: gravity-manipulating mechs will arrive June 3.

The second part of Just Cause 3's Air, Land and Sea season pass, Mech Land Assault opens up the new island of Lacrima. What the tourist brochure doesn't mention is the abandoned research base and prison camp guarded by deathbots.

Find a way to disable their shields, however, and you've just got yourself access to two types of mech that you can pilot anywhere in Medici. You can do a lot with Rodrigo's grapple and explosives, but these guys have gravity guns.

Mech Land Assault is £9.49/$11.99 on its own. Bavarium Sea Heist, the final DLC, is due before summer is up.