Just Cause 3 Sky Fortress DLC coming March

Just Cause 3 Sky Fortress 1

I'm sure I've seen that flying nuclear battlestation before. Just Cause 3's first piece of DLC, Sky Fortress, pits Rico against the copyright-skirting Eden Corporation. The Eden Corporation, as you can see, are a little better funded than your average island dictator, boasting mechs, drones, laser cannons and airborne carrier ships. Not to be deterred, Rico has got his hands on some vibranium (or rather, a 'Bavarium weaponised wingsuit' so as not to provoke the lawyers).

Joining this inspired hardware upgrade is a personal defence drone and auto-targeting missiles, plus the Bavarium splitter rifle if you're forced to sink so low as engaging the enemy yourself.

Sky Fortress is the first installment in the Air, Land & Sea pack. The second, coming later this year, is titled Land Mech Assault and introduces your very own mech with a similarly familiar gravity fun. Avalanche is keeping tight-lipped about the third DLC, Bavarium Sea Heist, but I'm hoping it's not inspired by Thunderbird 4.

Sky Fortress is coming in March, and the pack will have wrapped up 'before the end of summer'.