Maxis working to address SimCity processing issues


First off: an EA forum post confirms that “some” issues preventing cities from processing have been fixed. It doesn't exactly elaborate on that, but hooray! Hopefully, if nothing else, it means at least a slightly increased chance of being able to get into one's own city. For what we've suffered, once we're in, there better be marching bands, parades in the street—the whole shebang.

A forum post detailing Update 2.0 also reveals what other niggling issues the team's still working to fix. If you were one of the players who callously demolished a building whose service vehicles were out in town, leaving said vehicles stranded and aimlessly stalking the streets as the Ghosts of Infrastructure Past, well, that won't happen any more in new cities. In existing cities? Yeah, they're still working to fix that. Also on the fix-list are heightened levels of air pollution and the ever-present random game crashes.