Mass Effect: Andromeda to tease 'environments and gameplay' at CES 2017 next week

The unveiling of BioWare's next Mass Effect instalment has been a relatively drawn out and unhurried process—complete with cinematic reveals, trailers worthy of analysis, and new alien races. Billed as the developer's "biggest game yet", a gameplay trailer of sorts landed at The Game Awards earlier this month, however a closer look at "environments and gameplay" is now expected at next week's CES 2017. 

That's according to the Mass Effect official Twitter account who last night announced Andromeda will be showcased during Nvidia's CES keynote on Wednesday, January 4.

While not set in stone, hardware aficionado Matt Porter reckons Nvidia's GTX 1080 Ti GPU will be announced at CES—and if this is the case, I'd like to assume we'll see Andromeda powered by it in 4K.

In any event, our man Tuan will be on the floor at CES 2017 so be sure to check out his coverage on January 5-8. For more on Mass Effect: Andromeda, here's a handful of stories we've published over the last couple of months that should help get you up to speed:

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