Mass Effect: Andromeda demos exploration, weather conditions on three planets

Between Golden Worlds, Quarian clues, and 17-minute long spoiler-free loyalty missions, Mass Effect: Andromeda is fair ramping up its presence ahead of its March 21 launch. We've seen snippets of exploration footage before now, however the latest short visits three planets—Voeld, Kadara and Eos—showcasing each habitat's weather, and the knock on effects this has on handling the Nomad.       

Courtesy of the folks at IGN, the following footage kicks off with Voeld—an icy planet with a "harsh climate" that's "hazardous to your health". As you might expect, handling the Nomad in these conditions can be tricky, and you'll spot both protagonist Ryder's health and the condition of the vehicle ever-so-slightly depleting throughout in the bottom left corner.

Kadara, although warmer, is barren and harbours some vicious natives who're far from pleased to see you. Belting along its rocky, uneven terrain by way of the Nomad's six-wheel drive looks like great fun, and I dare say you won't be short of firefight cover given the landscape's multitude of mounds and gullies. 

Lastly, Eos is "desert-like and features some inhospitable creatures." If, like me, you thought the ne'er do wells camped on Kadara had it in for you, wait till you see how Eos' residents respond to your presence. I'll leave it for you to discover on your own—but I'm not sure I fancy my chances. 

Mass Effect: Andromeda is due March 21.