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Mass Effect 3's N7 HQ web service goes online

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The just-launched N7 HQ (opens in new tab) allows Mass Effect 3 players to sign in with their Origin accounts and manage their Challenges and rewards, share their characters and inventory, and view other players' builds. Users can also check up on their Galactic Readiness rating and War Assets, just in case they're still worried about dealing with the long-resolved Reaper threat.

The new site was mentioned along with the new Challenge system in a recent developer blog about upcoming multiplayer updates (opens in new tab) :

"We're adding hundreds of new multiplayer challenges that can be completed at your own pace. As you progress, you'll earn Challenge Points, essentially bragging rights. Completion of the top tier 'Gold' challenges will reward you with a unique banner and title to display in the multiplayer game lobby. Gold challenges can be completed multiple times for even more points. We've also added an additional leaderboard to keep track of the points you collect."

Today, BioWare posted a tour of the N7 HQ (opens in new tab) with an FAQ for the frequently inquisitive type. One thing to note if you sign up: if you want to keep your multiplayer characters private, you'll have to opt out of sharing.

Tyler Wilde
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