Mass Effect 3 Extended Ending files hint at future DLC

There's a surprise hidden in Mass Effect 3's Extended Ending DLC, no, it isn't that Vega was a Reaper all along, it's some files that contain information on the story of the game's next DLC.

Eurogamer have spotted a thread on the Bioware Social forums , where users have sorted through the new files and found several references to a future DLC.

This is your last chance to avoid spoilers, read on at your own risk.

The new DLC appears to be about a 'rogue' Reaper by the name of Leviathan, who may be connected to the ' Leviathan of Dis ', the corpse of a giant spacefaring alien that was mentioned a planet description in the first Mass Effect. Leviathan appears to have separate motivations from other Reapers and has spent the last few years by itself, rather than joining in with the invasion. Leviathan controls a mining camp of indoctrinated individuals, and Shepard travels there in order to rescue a scientist called Ann Brynson.

The notion of a Reaper with the free will to break with its purpose is an intriguing one, and one that makes me feel a little bad for slaughtering so many of them. Perhaps I should have asked them to surrender first? Hopefully we'll see more details soon.