Marvel's Avengers beta patch fixes stutter, other common issues for players

(Image credit: Square Enix)

You may have been unsure about giving this weekend's Marvel's Avengers open beta a try, seeing that players of last week's closed beta reported that not all was well on the technical side of things. With this being the chance to give the game a try before it officially releases in a few weeks time, Crystal Dynamics has swiftly reacted to feedback and released a new beta patch.

Patch 26.1 fixes the most common issues for players on PC, including overall lag and irregular performance, as well as crashes on older systems. The Dynamic Screen Resolution Feature has also been fixed to now actually stick to the framerate you want it to, and if you're like me and the motion blur and screen shake in this game make you feel like you're on the world's smallest rollercoaster, then rest assured the patch also offers options to further decrease both effects. You can find the full patch notes on the official website here.

The Marvel's Avengers open beta is available from today until August 23, 9PM in any timezone. The full game releases shortly after on September 4.