Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite will be "easier to pick up and play," Capcom exec says

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite releases on PC this year, and in an interview with, Capcom Europe COO Stuart Turner has said it'll be a "great introduction to the [fighting] genre."

In the interview, Turner addressed the fact that Street Fighter V didn't have the greatest of launches, but he added that he believes it's "in a very good place now," with "seasons of content" and support planned for multiple years. While Street Fighter V isn't the most complicated fighting game, it does cater to a more technical and hardcore community. Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, however, sounds like it'll be much more approachable.

In fact, bringing in new audiences, while keeping their core fanbase happy seems to be Capcom's new goal. Fighting games are particularly known for being complicated and unwelcoming to those just starting out—some games even struggle with tutorializing their systems. It's also a genre that has deeply-seeded roots in the early '90s, with players moving from game to game, translating their skill to each new experience along the way. Turner says Capcom always tries to bring new players into its games, which is why it's collaborated with companies like SNK, Namco, and Marvel in the past. To it, keeping the fighting genre healthy is the most important thing.

"Marvel vs Capcom fits into this as a great introduction to the genre as a whole, far more simplistic and technically easier to pick up and play," he explained. "And obviously having some of the best known characters on the planet from the Marvel Universe has huge appeal especially to that younger new audience we're keen to bring in."

The rest of's interview talks about Street Fighter V and Resident Evil 7. It goes into why the latest Resident Evil title was preceded by a demo that was updated periodically instead of several more traditional demos. It's definitely an interesting read. Check it out here.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite doesn't have a set release date yet, but you can play Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 on PC right now. You can read our impressions of the PC port here.