Mark of the Ninja sneaks onto Steam on 16 October, trailer inside

Ninjas aren't known for taking things by storm, but this one assuredly has: carving a path straight through the console crowd and making off with a full sack of high-scoring reviews. And now Mark of the Ninja is set to turn its 2D sneak-em-up charms to Steam. It arrives on 16 October at a price of $14.99.

A 2D stealth platformer from the makers of Shank and Eets, Mark of the Ninja doesn't give up much mechanical versatility for its lack of a third dimension. You silently scale the rain-slick environments, lurk in pools of shadow to observe your foes before sending them into disarray with your kitbag of diversionary and deadly toys. Or, more likely - and as with all the best stealth games - you spend a lot of time compulsively reloading to get make your entrance with just that little bit more panache. Check out the PC announcement trailer below: