1000 player FPS world record attempt happening this Sunday. You can help

Man vs Machine

This Sunday Much Different will attempt to break world records by hosting a 1000 player FPS battle. You can help. The game is called Man vs. Machine, a free, browser-based shooter built in the Unity engine. If you're camped on the Man vs. Machine front page when the record attempt starts, you stand a chance of being one of those soldiers.

It all kicks off this Sunday, January 29 at 4pm CET / 3PM GMT/ 7am PST. Don't expect Planetside levels of complexity from this one. It's a straightforward shooter backed up by some fancy server architecture which should hopefully allow two teams of 500 players to fight each other to the death. The event's being run by Much Different, who are doing it "because we could."

The teams are split between gamers and developers. Gamers will become Man, described as being "strong, handsome and red" with splash damage rocket launchers. Developers will be Machines, who are "cold, big and blue" and wield precision lasers. Slots will be allocated on a first come, first served basis but you can buy a ticket to guarantee yourself a spot. Find out more on the Man vs. Machine site .

Tom Senior

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