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Make friends with Death in Gonner 2, coming soon

Side-scrolling shooter Gonner is getting a sequel, Raw Fury and Art in Heart announced today. Gonner 2 sees unlikely hero Ikk go off on another life-risking adventure, this time to help out his pal, Death. Check out the trailer from the Guerrilla Collective stream above. 

Apparently Death's lair has been invaded and as Ikk you'll need to take Death's new enemy down, shooting and bouncing your way through cute but deadly levels filled with stuff that only cares about ending your run. 

Like its predecessor, it's quite the looker, and while it looks best in motion, there are still a lot of fetching screenshots on Steam. The sequel also maintains the original's procedurally generated levels, roguelike elements and quirks like collecting heads to give you more health. 

Phil said the first game was a "fun and frantic, with plenty of challenge," in his Gonner review, but thought it wasn't very deep. 

Gonner 2 is due out this year.

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