"Make Arma Not War" competition finalists announced

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Arma 3

If you're short of reasons to re-enlist in Arma 3's simulacrum of military conflict, here's a few that might tempt you back. Bohemia has announced the finalists in their "Make Arma Not War" modding competition—a contest that challenged the community to make new game modes, add-ons and mods. Despite the name, it has largely resulted in more war.

It's a great way to dig out some of Arma's best community content. We've already featured a few of the finalists in past Mod of the Week articles. Here's Pilot Civilian Air Rescue (opens in new tab) and Pilgrimage (opens in new tab)—both finalists in the Singleplayer category.

Showcase trailers for each category can be found over at the Make Arma Not War finalists page (opens in new tab). Below, you can see the round-ups for Singleplayer and Multiplayer modes.

Winners will be announced in March, and each will receive a chunk of a €500,000 prize pool. Our Evan Lahti is one of the judges in the competition—I expect he'll be playing a bit more Arma over the next few weeks.

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