Major EVE Online battle is unfolding now, watch it live on Twitch

EVE Online

Polygon reports that a major battle in EVE Online is currently underway. And unlike most such battles, which we only get to read about after the action is over, you can actually watch this one unfold live.

The battle between the Mittani-led Cluster Fuck Coalition and N3 has apparently been going on for the past couple of weeks, and so far it doesn't seem to be going well for N3. The group has incurred more than $2500 in losses, according to Polygon, and something very big just exploded in the ZXB system, where the current assault is (or perhaps was) taking place.

Status reports from the battle are also being posted on the r/eve subreddit, although they tend to be fairly jargon-heavy—good for players, but a bit opaque for casual observers. One image from the battle has also been posted, the ZXB-VC view from the station undock, taken around noon today:

Andy Chalk

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