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Magibot is a 'strategy platformer' about a cute robot wizard

Generally, platformers emphasize quick reflexes over careful strategy. Strategies rarely evolve beyond 'jump over the thing.' Not so in Magibot, a self-proclaimed hybrid of "both strategic and 2D platformer gameplay" starring Ilo, a robot magician. As Ilo, you use 'magic blocks' to create a navigable path, and then you navigate it yourself. 

You have a limited number of blocks to clear each level, so you have to build efficient paths. You can place jumps to get over tall obstacles, speed boosts to clear wide gaps, or offensive abilities to clear enemies or debris. Studio Baikin says their game has nine different powers to use across over 40 levels, which are split between action and puzzle modes. 

The way Ilo bounces between pre-placed blocks gives Magibot something of a puzzle vibe, and it's easy to imagine the satisfaction of clearing your own maneuvers. Plus, Ilo looks adorable in his hat. 

Magibot will release on Steam on December 18, 2017. 

Custom paths are an interesting take on platforming, and it seems to be fashionable at the moment. 2D platformer Light Fall, due out next March, also lets you build your own route, albeit by way of a summonable companion cube.