Come get a beta key for horror mansion sim MachiaVillain

Update: All beta keys have been distributed! Thanks for entering. 

We're giving away a bunch of beta keys for MachiaVillain, a macabre mansion management sim about murdering guests with the help of your monstrous staff. If that sounds like a fun new hobby to you, read on!

As a member of the League of Machiavellian Villains, you conjure and employ legions of horror icons like vampires, mummies and zombies. Developer Wild Factor says there are over 20 different monsters in all, and while they aren’t the best listeners, you can at least get them to gather resources to expand your mansion and defend it from other monsters like wendigos and chupacabras, freeing you up to build traps like wall blades and monster amenities like mad scientist labs. 

Your goal is to become as evil is possible by killing guests, who can be anyone from hapless tourists to hardened monster hunters. Some guests require special, er, means of disposal, and different monsters excel at different tasks. Luckily MachiaVillain works on an active pause system that helps you issue orders during each night’s waves of guests. You can only kill at night, and you also have to kill without getting caught. If you murder too hard, the cops will catch on and shut you down, but if you don’t murder enough, your monsters are liable to turn on you. So, you know, find that Goldilocks ratio. 

The fine print

  • This is a raffle giveaway. Our system randomly selects winners from the pool of applicants. Not everyone who enters is guaranteed a key.
  • We'll begin sending out the keys tomorrow, Friday, April 6 at 1 PM Pacific
  • Keys will be distributed via email automatically (check yo' spam filters)
  • The MachiaVillain beta runs until 4/23

As always, being a PC Gamer Club member guarantees you a beta key, while supplies last. Become a Legendary member today before we send them out to all members tomorrow evening (Friday) UK time.

How to redeem

This is a Steam key that can be redeemed via Steam the normal way.

1. Log into Steam
2. Click on “Games” in the top left corner
3. Click “Activate a product on Steam”
4. Click next
5. Accept Steam’s Subscriber Agreement
6. Enter the product code, including the hyphens
7. Click next, and follow the directions provided on screen
8. Enjoy!

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