How to get the Witcher Mokoko skins in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Witcher Mokoko Skins
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The Lost Ark Witcher Mokoko Skins are just one small part of the MMO's current crossover event with the popular fantasy series. There are Witcher potions, jukebox songs, a card set, a title, new quests, and plenty of other thematic junk to get you in the monster murdering mood.

While there are character and weapon skins you can buy in the store, you can get the Mokoko Witcher skin for free. I say free, but it will require you to watch some Twitch streams—or at least have a stream open in a tab while you play some games. Here's how to get the Lost Ark Witcher Mokoko skins and the other stuff in the Witcher Mokoko chest.

How to get the Witcher Mokoko Chest Twitch Drop 

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To get the Mokoko Witcher Chest, you're going to have to watch four hours of Lost Ark Twitch streams between January 18 and February 5 ending at 11:59pm PST (2:59am EST, 7:59am GMT on Feb 6). You can watch any Lost Ark Twitch stream that is marked with the Drops Enabled tag. Once you've reached the requisite time goal, look for a callout at the top of the chat box to claim it. To actually unlock the reward in-game, there are a few more steps you've got to complete: 

  • Head to the Lost Ark Twitch Drops page
  • Scroll down and sign in to your Twitch Account
  • Sign in to your Steam Account
  • Claim any active Lost Ark Twitch Drops listed on the webpage
  • Log into the game to claim your Witcher Mokoko Chest 

The chest contains The Witcher Mokoko Skin, headwear, some body selection chests with four color choices, and 1,000 amethyst shards. It's important to note that you don't have to complete Twitch Drops in one-go so you can watch a bit at a time and check your progress in the Twitch Drops inventory. Be sure to claim it before the end of the event period if you want the skin or chest items. 

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