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Lords of the Fallen Rune Tablet - Tower of Penance
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Finding each Rune Tablet location in Lords of the Fallen is a key part of Gerlinde and Sparky's quest. More importantly than that, it unlocks rune smithing, which helps you improve your weapons. There are three Rune Tablets to discover in Mournstead at varying progression points through the game—bring all three back to Gerlinde and you'll get to decide the fate of her prisoner, Sparky, and also one of two powerful rewards.

If you've only just found Gerlinde, be sure to check our list of the best Lords of the Fallen weapons you can upgrade with her and our general advice in Lords of the Fallen tips. It's worth noting that the final Rune Tablet is quite far into the game, and requires you to acquire the Pilgrim's Perch Key, travel through a late-game area, and fight a boss. Still, if you're willing, here's every Rune Tablet location in Lords of the Fallen.

Cracked Rune Tablet location

The first tablet is located in Fitzroy's Gorge, just after you defeat the Hushed Saint boss. Take the right path along the cliff when you enter the area, past the enemies, until you find yourself in a big cave. Continue along the main path until you come to a gap where you have to swap to the Umbral to cross to the other side. You'll know it's the right bridge, because an umbral bat creature will drop down to fight you. On the other side of the gap, you'll spot an opening with a ladder leading down. Follow this path to find the Cracked Rune Tablet. Bring this back to Gerlinde to unlock rune slotting.

Chipped Rune Tablet location

The second tablet is in a fireplace in Upper Calrath Mining District (Image credit: CI Games)

The second rune tablet is in the Upper Calrath Mining District, just after you defeat the Spurned Progeny boss. Follow the main path through the district until you drop down into a house just after encountering a Ruiner enemy. Head through the house and down the stairs to find a Proselyte enemy standing in front of a fireplace containing the Chipped Rune Tablet. Bring this back to Gerlinde to expand her inventory.

Rune Tablet location

You can find the third tablet in the Tower of Penance (Image credit: CI Games)

The third and final tablet is located in the Tower of Penance, after you defeat the Blessed Carrion Knight Sanisho boss. This is quite late in the game, towards the end of the area you access using the Pilgrim's Perch Key. After taking a lift up to the top of the tower, descend via the series of platforms and umbral puzzles until you reach a solid grating with a fair few enemies hanging about. In the pathway surrounding the grating, you'll find a chest with the Rune Tablet inside. 

Should you give the Rune Tablet to Gerlinde or Sparky?

You'll have to choose who to give the last tablet to (Image credit: CI Games)

Now you have the final tablet, you need to decide whether to give it to Gerlinde or Sparky. Here are the outcomes for either choice:

  • Give Gerlinde the tablet: You'll get the unique Crafter's Essence rune from Gerlinde, which removes weight and stat requirements when slotted on a weapon. Sparky will also disappear, presumably murdered by Gerlinde now he has no more use.
  • Give Sparky the tablet: Sparky will leave, but first he gives you the ability to slot runes and runesmith at any vestige. Gerlinde will still help you out, but her shop prices will double, since she's now angry with you.

Either reward is pretty good, so it's more a matter of deciding whether you want to help Sparky escape Gerlinde's clutches.

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