Here's when Lords of the Fallen releases in your timezone

Lords of the Fallen release times - Lightreaper
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The Lords of the Fallen release times for PC are sadly a fair bit later than our friends over on console. In some places, you'll be waiting up to 24 hours to play the game when console players will have had it all that time—oh well, at least we get the mods. For those who haven't kept up with Lords of the Fallen, this Soulslike isn't so much a sequel to the 2014 game of the same name as it is a re-imagining.

That is to say, all those Nordic vibes have been kicked out of the window in favour of something more recognisably Soulslike, with lots of classes, weapons, bosses, and a whole world to explore where enemies may or may not be hiding around every corner. All that said, here's when you can expect to play Lords of the Fallen on PC in your region.

Lords of the Fallen release times

(Image credit: CI Games)

The release date for Lords of the Fallen is October 13 and 14 in some parts of the world, but sadly for us PC players, it releases much later than our console counterparts. Here's when you can play on Steam:

  • US West Coast: 7 am PT
  • US East Coast: 10 am ET
  • UK: 3 pm BST
  • Europe: 4 pm CET
  • Australia: 1 am AEDT (October 14)

You can see the full expanded list of release times in the screenshot above. It's worth noting that preload currently isn't available for Lords of the Fallen on PC right now, so this will be the time that you can start downloading the game. 

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