Lord of the Rings Online is five years old today, so we're giving you free stuff

Update: Winners have been selected and contacted via email. If they do not provide the necessary information to receive their prizes within 24 hours, we'll randomly select new winners.

The winners are:

Sheena Desai (Lifetime account)

Jacqueline Walker (Mithril Edition)

Robin Preston (5K Turbine points)

Most birthday kids are selfish. "Give me cake!" they cry. "Shower me with presents and force my older cousins to pretend that I'm cool for the next 20 minutes!" they demand. Bilbo Baggins may be one of those jerks ("Hey everyone, watch me disappear and leave you all to foot the bill for my extravagant party!") but the MMO he lives in isn't. Lord of the Rings Online is celebrating it's fifth birthday and the developers sent over three big gifts for us to give to you, including a lifetime account for the game.

The three prizes we're giving away are $50 in Turbine Points (5k points), a boxed Mithril Edition of the game , and a lifetime account, which may sound odd for a free-to-play game, but it nets you all of the paid content for free and tons of awesome perks in-game. To enter the giveaway, just send an email to contests@pcgamer.com with "I will be nicer than Bilbo Baggins" in the subject line. We'll select the three lucky winners on Thursday, April 26th. If you don't win, you can still log into LOTRO before the 30th to pick up some in-game anniversary prizes from Turbine directly.

Be sure to check back for our continued coverage of LOTRO's next expansion, Riders of Rohan as we get closer to its Fall release.