Lord of the Rings Online: Helm's Deep expansion release delayed

Sometimes even the perfect siege gets a false start. Lord of the Rings Online: Helm's Deep , a new expansion to the Tolkienesque MMORPG, was supposed to go live on Nov. 18. But thanks to a power outage at the game's data center, the release has been delayed until Wednesday, according to an update to developer Turbine's Facebook page.

The new content, which we first heard about back in April , is set to open up the Western plains of Rohan as well as the iconic mountain fortress known as Helm's Deep. But as we see so often in Middle Earth, the unexpected happens and plans change. While you'll have to wait just a couple more days before diving into another strange and epic corner of Tolkien's world, there is some good news—the developers are also extending the current pre-release double-XP event for two more days.

The MMO's obviously grown a bit since our first review more than two years ago, but it's a great starting point for getting to know the game. Check it out here .

Hat tip, Polygon .