The Lord of the Rings Online giving players double XP in advance of Helm's Deep launch

Lord of the Rings Online's Helm's Deep expansion was announced back in April , but it still hasn't seen the light of day, something I'm going to blame on Boromir, the treacherous git. However, it seems to be on track now for a November release, with the month (that's this month) leading up to it bestowing all players with a very special gift. No, not a single lock of Galadriel's hair: double XP.

LOTRO itself might be free-to-play, but Helm's Deep will require you to part with actual cash first. The expansion doesn't just comprise the orc-infested bowels of ruined Dwarf city Helm's Deep, but the plains of Western Rohan too. The level cap will also be raised, as you might expect, from a mighty 85 to a...slightly mightier 95 . Hey, I didn't say they were raising it a lot.

This recent trailer looks appropriately horsey:

(Ta, Massively )

Tom Sykes

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