The Lord of the Rings Online: Helm's Deep announced

The Lord of the Rings Online has led us through Moria and Mirkwood, past Isengard, and across the plains of Eastern Rohan. But the question has remained throughout it all: "When do we get to see Helm's Deep?" Turbine has finally given us an answer: Fall 2013. Along with the famed fortress, we're also getting 10 new levels and a continuation of the game's storyline to include one of the most famous battles in Tolkien's legendarium.

In addition to Helm's Deep, we'll also get to see the entire Westemnet of Rohan for the first time, including the capital of Edoras. Leveling from 85 to 95 will unlock "new skills and completely updated class specializations," with both foot and mounted combat seeing some love. Helm's Deep itself (which we imagine will be an instanced battle) opens up as early as level 10, and the official announcement calls it "the most massive conflict yet" to appear in the game.

You can read more on the official site .