Loot Rascals, the deck-building hexplorer with a Glaswegian genie, release date set

Tom reckons Loot Rascals looks like the "weirdest roguelike since The Binding of Isaac", and, if you consider its vibrant '80s cartoon style, alien exploration premise, and the fact that one of its central characters is a Scottish teapot-shaped genie—that's probably bang on the money. It's also a turn-based, deck-building asynchronous multiplayer which now has a launch date: March 7, 2017. 

Crafted by Hollow Ponds—a team split between Scotland and Canada—the  game's developers have worked on other similarly-striking projects such as Hohokum and Adventure Time. Here's another look at Tom's hands-on at E3 last year: 

And here's more on that from the game's aforementioned genie, in case you prefer the written word. Be sure to voice this out loud in your best Glasgow accent:

"All right there? I’m the genie from the game Loot Rascals! Which is almost done now, so we’re… announcing a release date! Loot Rascals is a turn based roguelike where you have to rescue my robot pal Big Barry from the clutches of a horrible wobbly space demon with loads of tentacles. Along the way you have to fight a load of strange baddies and steal their cards."

In doing so you'll in turn use the abilities levied by each card to bolster your defences and strengthen your attacks to beat baddies, collect even more cards, and ultimately rescue Big Barry. Poor soul. 

Again, Loot Rascals is due March 7 and will cost £10/$15. More information can be found via the Loot Rascals website